Summer Hats for the Teachers


I’m on a sun hat streak.  The kids wanted something special as an end of year gift for their teachers.  On Tuesday we settled on sun hats.  The kids would design the hats and I would make them.  Today is the last day of school and I just barely finished the hats in time.

The kids chose the colors and the stitch pattern, and the flower design, color, and button.


From left to right: R’s hat for his 3rd grade teacher: “She likes orange and yellow.”

Big A’s hat for his 2nd grade teacher: “Just like Grammy’s hat, but in blue!” with very specific colors choices and instructions.

and O’s hats for his two kindergarten teachers: “I want them to look like a watermelon and a backwards watermelon.  With blue and orange flowers!”

Wishing four wonderful teachers a summer of sunshine and outdoor relaxation!  They really deserve it.


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