Soothing Waves

I finished the first lapghan!

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I wanted to invoke the soothing image of waves on a beach.  I think it worked very well.  I certainly feel calmer just looking at it!

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I’m still not entirely sure whether I like the light blue “sky,” although the added length is nice.  Here it is before I added the light blue.

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It is 34 inches wide and 50 inches long, perfect to cuddle under while reclining.  If you’re on the short side, like I am.  And if it weren’t the middle of summer.

I am 1/3 done with a second lapghan, using supersaver yarn.  Here are my colors:


I am planning to send the second lapghan to my relative who is fighting cancer.

I was going to send this first lapghan, but I used a variety of bulky/chunky/tripled yarns from my stash and the texture and width are a little inconsistent.  And the colors for the second are more cheerful (tropical beach!)  Not to mention the 100% acrylic will probably be less irritating, more durable, and will wash better than whatever hodgepodge of fibers I used for the first lapghan.

I’ll post a quick write up of the very easy pattern as soon as I finish the supersaver blanket.  Hopefully in the next couple of days.


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