More Spiders

First a story:

I actually used to be a bit scared of spiders, until I realized I was really just scared of getting bitten by a venomous spider (not that we have many of those around here.)  I started taking photos of them and learning to identify them as a way to overcome my fear.  I still dislike suddenly finding a spider, or any arachnid/insect/bug on me, or finding a spider I can’t identify, but I feel like I have come a long way.

I did happen to get bitten by a spider last year.  It was a big, black, beast of a spider, and it was hiding in the finger of my gardening glove.  The gloves are a little big on me, so I didn’t notice the spider when I put them on.  I planted two blueberry bushes before it got fed up and bit me.  Unfortunately, when I got the glove off, the spider was a bit squashed, so I wasn’t able to definitely identify it (but my money is on a female Hacklemesh Weaver.)  I was able to confirm it wasn’t venomous.  It hurt kind of like a bee sting when it bit me, but the bite never swelled or anything.

In retrospect it wasn’t a terrible experience, and the kids think it’s funny when I stomp on my gloves now before putting them on.

Fast forward to today:

I was out picking raspberries and spotted something interesting.

raspberry nursery web spiders  (81).JPGLooks like another nursery web


raspberry nursery web spiders (22)I love how tightly curled the leaves are.  Looks like Mama did a good job!

raspberry nursery web spiders (19)And there’s Mama!  You can just see her through the leaves at the bottom left.

raspberry nursery web spiders (73)Hello, beautiful girl!

raspberry nursery web spiders (60)These babies were really well hidden.  I had to get down on the ground and peek into the web through a little crack.



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