Raspberry Trouble (Spiders)

That raspberry is beautiful.  But Mama spider says “No.”

spiders (1)May I pick it?  Please?


spiders (5)Guarding the nest

spiders (3)Nope.  No raspberries today.  At least from this branch.

spiders (4).JPGShe looks different from Mama #1, but she’s still a nursery web spider.  I’m basing the identification on internet spider pictures and her behavior.  I’m no spider expert.

Further research suggests this might be Pisaurina mira and the previous one is actually Pisaurina brevipes.  Either way, they’re cousins.

The babies from nest #1 started dispersing yesterday.  We got to watch some of them climb way up the garden fence.  I didn’t catch any of them taking off.  They are tiny, almost clear, and were 8′ up in the air.  About half of them were gone by this morning.  They were all gone by the end of the day.


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