Vegetable Garden: July 2017

I skipped the bales this year.  We were supposed to get the house painted in early May and I wanted the garden as open as possible for the painters.  Unfortunately, frequent, heavy rain pushed the painting back into June and they’re still finishing up.

Inside the Garden

We have: 15 types of tomatoes, Many types of sweet peppers, 2 types of hot peppers, 3 types of eggplant, 2 types of cucumbers, lots of beans, brussels sprouts, some sad broccoli, some herbs, and a couple of artichokes as an experiment.  We will have zucchini and summer squash once the painters are done so I can move the pots back to the deck and use the space where they are currently standing their ladders.







Outside the Garden

deer (4)

We have deer.  A couple weeks ago we had a doe with twin fawns in the yard.  Yesterday we had a doe with a single fawn.  I don’t know whether she were the same doe, and she lost one.  We do have coyotes in the area.   It is also completely plausible they were different does.  We have many deer around.

And the deer are fearless.  The pair we saw yesterday were right behind the backyard, mid-afternoon, while the kids were playing outside.  They wandered to within 30 feet of where the kids were playing on the swings.

Thank goodness for my 8-foot-tall deer fence!

IMG_8285Deer Mama #1: with twin fawns

deer (2)Deer Mama #2: with single fawn

I totally messed up the camera settings for these photos.  Something to do with trying to stalk deer while simultaneously watching three kids (6, 3, and 18 mo) who were squabbling noisily.




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