Playing with Patterns

I finally finished off 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver “Mirage!”

share.JPG All cowls were made with an I hook and an 8-stitch repeat: blue, 2 cream, blue, latte, 2 mocha, latte


I bought the yarn thinking I would make an argyle style pooled baby blanket.  I did finally get the argyle pattern (lower left,) but I don’t like it.  The argyle pattern is itself mirage-like.  The pattern is clear from a distance, and in this photo, but up close it just looks like a mess.

The zigzags and chevrons were crocheted in the round.  The argyle and stripes were done flat.  I absolutely love the stripes on the left (cream border) and probably will make a baby blanket using that pattern someday.

The zigzags and chevrons were done following my my zigzag planned pooling cowl pattern.  The chevron just turned around once.

The ‘argyle” was done following standard planned polling techniques (-1 st every 2 rows.)  The stripes are done with full color repeats (-0 sts.)

Edit: My sincere apologies is anyone finds the pattern on the lower left offensive.  Any perceived shapes are unintentional.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

Edit #2: I got 2 more skeins and tried to modify the lower left pattern.  Here are the results.  All still done with the same stitch count.


upper left is -2 sts every 2 rows

upper right is -4 sts every 2 rows

lower left is the same argyle pattern as the first picture, except when I got to the center of the “pinwheel” shapes I repeated the 2 center rows to elongate the shape and make it look more like a pinwheel and less sinister.  I might try one more with a 3rd repeat of those rows.

lower right is the same argyle as the first picture with every 2 rows repeated once (-1 st every 4 rows)


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