October NICU Donations

Last October I put together a large box of hats and blankets and sent it to a hospital.  They used the hats and blankets for babies who were stillborn and for preemies in their NICU.  A few months later, I sent another box of hats.

Whenever the mood hits me, I make a little hat or blanket.  I finally filled another large box.  Before sending it to the hospital, I took pictures.



I made 17 blanket and hat sets.  Most are newborn size.  The yellow ones are around a 20 week size.


And I made 43 additional hats.  Most are preemie sizes.  A few are tiny.


Every time I’ve done a donation like this, one or two projects stand out.  This time it’s this tiny, tiny hat.  I just made it yesterday.  I think it will fit a baby of 13-14 weeks.  I plan to make more for my next box.IMG_5341


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