Summer Hats for the Teachers


I’m on a sun hat streak.  The kids wanted something special as an end of year gift for their teachers.  On Tuesday we settled on sun hats.  The kids would design the hats and I would make them.  Today is the last day of school and I just barely finished the hats in time.

The kids chose the colors and the stitch pattern, and the flower design, color, and button.


From left to right: R’s hat for his 3rd grade teacher: “She likes orange and yellow.”

Big A’s hat for his 2nd grade teacher: “Just like Grammy’s hat, but in blue!” with very specific colors choices and instructions.

and O’s hats for his two kindergarten teachers: “I want them to look like a watermelon and a backwards watermelon.  With blue and orange flowers!”

Wishing four wonderful teachers a summer of sunshine and outdoor relaxation!  They really deserve it.

K’s Chemo Sun Hat Pattern


IMG_8265.JPGI made these two sun hats as chemo caps for a relative who is fighting cancer for the second time.  It’s a small gesture, but I wanted something I could get into the mail quickly.

The primary pattern in this post is for the gold and white hat.  The blue and white hat is a modification of my Striped Sun Hat.  I included directions for the blue hat, as well as patterns for the flower pins, at the end.

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Gardening Hat

IMG_7430 (2) small

We have had a very rainy spring.  Now we have a serious black fly problem.  If you don’t have black flies in your neck of the woods, consider yourself lucky.  They are tiny little flies which swarm your head and get everywhere.  They love to bite right next to eyes, inside ears, under your hair.  And their bites bleed.

I needed a gardening hat.  I wanted something cotton.  I actually had a couple knit ones I ordered on Etsy (just because.)  I sprayed the hats with bug spray.  They work wonderfully.  Unfortunately, the boys and I can’t all wear two hats at the same time.  I also wanted something a little nicer to wear while on the local hiking trail with the kids.

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Way back in March, a friend asked me to crochet a griffon (griffin/gryphon) for his griffon-obsessed daughter.  She likes pink and red and gold.

I was feeling lazy, so I decided to do it the easy way and just buy a pattern.  It was big mistake. I started the project, but ended up putting it down and picking it up several times over the next few weeks before getting frustrated and giving up entirely.

Then I picked it up one more time and decided to finish it my way.  It worked.  But, it was smaller than I wanted.  So I made the chick a Mommy (or Daddy.  I’m not sure which griffon parent cares for the chicks.)

This is a pattern I will need to polish up some day.

A Single Rose

Sometimes you have to drop all of your projects to make something important.  My family is totally fine, but this is a sad post.


On Tuesday, a couple in my small town lost their newborn son.  He was their first child and they went home to an empty house.

The town has rallied around them, and although I haven’t met the couple, I wanted to do something.  Their story hit me hard.  We came awfully close to losing our first son at delivery.

I thought about past conversations I have had with two friends whose daughters were stillborn, and decided to crochet a white rose, just opening.  It seems like an appropriate symbol, and it will last forever.

When the fresh flowers, homemade dinners, cards, and visitors are gone, the rose will still be blooming.  When years have passed and they feel that the rest of the world has forgotten their loss, the rose will still be blooming.  It will last as long as their love for their son.

And tomorrow is Mother’s Day.