October NICU Donations

Last October I put together a large box of hats and blankets and sent it to a hospital.  They used the hats and blankets for babies who were stillborn and for preemies in their NICU.  A few months later, I sent another box of hats.

Whenever the mood hits me, I make a little hat or blanket.  I finally filled another large box.  Before sending it to the hospital, I took pictures.


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All the Purples

I mailed my purple hats this morning.  I only ended up making 21.  I was planning to make more, but decided to finish another box of preemie hats and blankets instead.

IMG_5402 (2)_edited.jpg

The hats which appear dark blue are really a very dark purple.  The hats are going to be given to both girls and boys and I tried to make some which parents might actually put on their baby boys.

Pumpkin Spice Preemie Hat

IMG_8971 (2) small

I’m pretty sure that in the US, during the month of October, you’re now legally required to preface all nouns with the words “pumpkin spice.”

So, here is my pumpkin spice pattern for a pumpkin spice hat for little pumpkin spice babies.

It’s a quick, easy, adorable little (pumpkin spice) hat.  You can make it with “pumpkin spice” yarn, if you can find some.  I used plain, boring “Pumpkin.”  I also tried “Carrot,” which is probably a violation of the laws of holiday spirit.

Sizes 23 weeks through 3 months

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What Do You Do With Yarn Cakes?


Once upon a time, I was at a craft store and bought one of those yarn cakes.  They are so popular I wanted to give one a try.  And the colors were pretty.  I’m a sucker for blues.


I brought the yarn cake home and it sat in a prominent place in my yarn closet.

What are you supposed to make with these things, anyway?

The weeks turned into months before I picked it up, determined to use it.

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April Showers Bring Crochet Flowers

IMG_6249 (2).JPG

It’s April 27th and I have 25 1/2 hats made.

I’ll confess, I’ve been having trouble focusing on the project.  Hats are wonderful to make when it’s warm and sunny and I only have one eye for my knitting because I’m keeping one eye on the kids while they play outside.  But, we have had an unusually rainy month and I have spent too many days stuck inside with stir-crazy kids.  Knitting hats has gotten a bit boring.

Fortunately, I have a related project to work on.

A friend of my Mom’s made a heartfelt request that I make some chemo hats with beautiful flowers.   When she was undergoing treatment she wanted one, but they were all being sold for profit and were too expensive.

I’m not really a flower-on-hat type person, so I decided to make some flower brooches which can be put on any hat, on a scarf, or wherever the wearer wants.

I found these three five seven lovely flower patterns online.  I have links to all the patterns.

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April Goals Update

It’s April 18th.  Despite it being an awfully busy month so far, I have made 20 hats!  I am well on my way to meeting my goal of 30, to donate to cancer patients, by the end of the month.


I always let the hats pile up and then sew in the ends all at once.

In other very exciting news, my sister successfully completed the Boston Marathon yesterday!