The Quest for The Perfect Flower: Evolution of a Pattern

IMG_6599 (2)

Happy May Day!

What better way to celebrate than with a rainbow of flowers?

I decided to make the “perfect” flower pattern.  I wanted it to look nice in one, two, or three colors, work up pretty quickly, and be easy enough for me to memorize the pattern.

It took me a few tries to get a pattern I love, but every flower I made along the way is pretty.  I think the progression is kind of cool.  I included separate directions for each flower.

Please let me know if you find any errors.  I tend to be a perfectionist.  If I proofread everything as well as I would like to, I would never get around to posting anything.

IMG_6602 (2)

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April Showers Bring Crochet Flowers

IMG_6249 (2).JPG

It’s April 27th and I have 25 1/2 hats made.

I’ll confess, I’ve been having trouble focusing on the project.  Hats are wonderful to make when it’s warm and sunny and I only have one eye for my knitting because I’m keeping one eye on the kids while they play outside.  But, we have had an unusually rainy month and I have spent too many days stuck inside with stir-crazy kids.  Knitting hats has gotten a bit boring.

Fortunately, I have a related project to work on.

A friend of my Mom’s made a heartfelt request that I make some chemo hats with beautiful flowers.   When she was undergoing treatment she wanted one, but they were all being sold for profit and were too expensive.

I’m not really a flower-on-hat type person, so I decided to make some flower brooches which can be put on any hat, on a scarf, or wherever the wearer wants.

I found these three five seven lovely flower patterns online.  I have links to all the patterns.

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Crocheted Patchwork Baby Blanket Tutorial

I wanted to share a pattern to celebrate one year of blogging!

There’s probably some newfangled, made-up term like “blogiversary” which  I’m supposed to use, but I’m already too old for stuff like that.

Recently, I have been trying to fight off a stubborn cold and I have been taking every opportunity to rest.  Rather than taking on writing up a new pattern, I dusted off this already started patchwork blanket tutorial, added all the photos, and finished it just in time.

IMG_1428 (2).JPG

I feel like this has become my signature baby blanket.

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The Best Christmas Stocking Ornament Ever!

Happy December!

Making my own patterns is usually involves a lot of trial and error, back tracking, and patience.  Two years ago I decided to make a stocking ornament.  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked, so I sat down to make my own.  Within 10 minutes it was done.  And it was perfect.

Okay, not really.  I had to size up the hook and modify the top, but it was still an amazing feeling to get it pretty much right on the first try!


These are easy and cheap to make.  They are nice little gifts and sell like hot cakes at craft fairs.

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