What Do You Do With Yarn Cakes?


Once upon a time, I was at a craft store and bought one of those yarn cakes.  They are so popular I wanted to give one a try.  And the colors were pretty.  I’m a sucker for blues.


I brought the yarn cake home and it sat in a prominent place in my yarn closet.

What are you supposed to make with these things, anyway?

The weeks turned into months before I picked it up, determined to use it.

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April Goals Update

It’s April 18th.  Despite it being an awfully busy month so far, I have made 20 hats!  I am well on my way to meeting my goal of 30, to donate to cancer patients, by the end of the month.


I always let the hats pile up and then sew in the ends all at once.

In other very exciting news, my sister successfully completed the Boston Marathon yesterday!

Ugly Mittens

IMG_1440 (2)

“Mom, those mittens could probably win first place in an ugly mitten contest!”

I’m not arguing with him, but I love these mittens for several reasons.

  1. They helped me get over my fear of knitting mittens.  (I’m still scared of socks, sweaters, and intarsia knitting.)
  2. They taught me how to knit two at a time in a magic loop.  Cool!
  3. They used up most of an old skein of yarn which one of the kids begged me to buy (the same kid who made the comment above!)
  4. Making them provided some welcome distraction for my spring cold which is threatening to become spring bronchitis.
  5. They fit me perfectly
  6. They are warm
  7. The kids won’t take them.  Hah!

Crafty Wanderings

I have three animal “commissions” I should be working on.  Should be.  One of them, a pair of moose, has been sitting around for almost two months, waiting for me to feel like making it.  Thankfully, the recipient is willing to be patient.  I’m seriously going to try to get it done today.  It shouldn’t even take very long.

Here’s what I have been doing instead…

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