Bring On the Purple!

Yesterday, I found out about a charity collecting purple newborn hats.  I might have been standing in the yarn aisle of a craft store, talking with a fellow crocheter/knitter while selecting yarn I really don’t need and don’t have room for.  Maybe.  It depends on who is asking.

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What Do You Do With Yarn Cakes?


Once upon a time, I was at a craft store and bought one of those yarn cakes.  They are so popular I wanted to give one a try.  And the colors were pretty.  I’m a sucker for blues.


I brought the yarn cake home and it sat in a prominent place in my yarn closet.

What are you supposed to make with these things, anyway?

The weeks turned into months before I picked it up, determined to use it.

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April Goals Update

It’s April 18th.  Despite it being an awfully busy month so far, I have made 20 hats!  I am well on my way to meeting my goal of 30, to donate to cancer patients, by the end of the month.


I always let the hats pile up and then sew in the ends all at once.

In other very exciting news, my sister successfully completed the Boston Marathon yesterday!