It’s Done!

After a year and a half, my alphabet book is finally done.  I can’t believe it.

It was supposed to be a first birthday gift for my daughter, but son #4 stopped napping, and my daughter stopped sleeping at night, about a week before her first birthday.  I couldn’t sew during their dual nap time anymore, and was too tired to stay up at night sewing.  The alphabet book spent the next year in a drawer, waiting.  I picked it up again about a month ago and turned it into a (belated) second birthday gift instead.  I can’t wait to wrap it up and give it to her this evening.


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Inchworm, Jay, Moose, Newt, and Skunk

I is for Inchworm

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J is for Jay

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M is for Moose.  This moose is from a photograph of a moose I took on my honeymoon in Nova Scotia, Canada.  It was the first moose my husband ever saw.  We saw another half dozen later that evening, but this one was enormous.

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N is for Newt.  The fabric really made this one.  It is a Red Eft (juvenile Eastern Newt) and they are bright orange with spots

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and S is for Skunk

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I have started skipping around a little bit to be more efficient.  If I have black thread in the machine, I might as well so a bunch of black areas on a bunch of pages.