Super Easy Infinity Scarf II

IMG_8041 (3) smaller

This is basically the same as my Super Easy Infinity Scarf.  The only difference is it is worked in short rows instead of long rounds.

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Super Easy Infinity Scarf

IMG_7900 smaller

I’m still trying to find ways to use up all the sweet rolls I impulsively bought.  The little baby blanket and hat sets are awesome, but I need something really fast.  I have about 20 Sweet Rolls taking up space in my living room.

I’m making infinity scarves.

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Pumpkin Spice Preemie Hat

IMG_8971 (2) small

I’m pretty sure that in the US, during the month of October, you’re now legally required to preface all nouns with the words “pumpkin spice.”

So, here is my pumpkin spice pattern for a pumpkin spice hat for little pumpkin spice babies.

It’s a quick, easy, adorable little (pumpkin spice) hat.  You can make it with “pumpkin spice” yarn, if you can find some.  I used plain, boring “Pumpkin.”  I also tried “Carrot,” which is probably a violation of the laws of holiday spirit.

Sizes 23 weeks through 3 months

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Picking a Rainbow

The garden is still going strong.  We have veggies piling up faster than we can eat them.  These are some of our tomatoes, sweet peppers, and cucumbers.  The weird, yellow spheres at the bottom are lemon cucumbers.


Not shown: 20-30 more cucumbers, 2 more bowls of tomatoes, some hot peppers, a handful of beans, a few eggplant, and a solitary zucchini.