A Single Rose

Sometimes you have to drop all of your projects to make something important.  My family is totally fine, but this is a sad post.


On Tuesday, a couple in my small town lost their newborn son.  He was their first child and they went home to an empty house.

The town has rallied around them, and although I haven’t met the couple, I wanted to do something.  Their story hit me hard.  We came awfully close to losing our first son at delivery.

I thought about past conversations I have had with two friends whose daughters were stillborn, and decided to crochet a white rose, just opening.  It seems like an appropriate symbol, and it will last forever.

When the fresh flowers, homemade dinners, cards, and visitors are gone, the rose will still be blooming.  When years have passed and they feel that the rest of the world has forgotten their loss, the rose will still be blooming.  It will last as long as their love for their son.

And tomorrow is Mother’s Day.


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